Hokkaido Brooks Country Club



About booking

For foreign customers to make reservations or play, they must be introduced by a member of our club or a travel agency contracted with our club.
Please note that if you do not have the above information, we may refuse your reservation or admission.
If you would like to make a reservation, you can do so from the website below.

Go Hokkaido

Guest Fee (1R w/ 1 shared caddie, 3 pax or 4 pax) *Including tax.

Open - MAY. 10 and OCT. 28 - NOV. 24

Walking Buggy
Weekdays 9,400JPY 14,900JPY
Weekends 13,900JPY 19,300JPY

MAY. 11 - JUN. 9 and SEP. 24 - OCT. 27

Walking Buggy
Weekdays 15,900JPY 21,400JPY
Weekends 22,900JPY 28,400JPY

JUN. 10 - SEP. 23

Walking Buggy
Weekdays 23,900JPY 29,400JPY
Weekends 33,900JPY 39,400JPY
  • 2-pax-play additional fee: (walking) +3,300 JPY/pax, (buggy) +6,050 JPY/pax
  • 2-pax-play may be declined between JUN and SEP.


  • Your tee off time is the time you actually hit the first shot.
  • You shoud be ready at the teeing ground at least 10 mins earlier.
  • You should finish 9 holes within 2 hrs.
  • Talking on the cellphone in the clubhouse and on course is prohibited.
  • Please set it to the silent mode or switch it off.
  • Smoking is allowed at the designated area only.
  • Metal spike shoes are not allowed.